Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Five Games Every Parent Wants to Play

A few weeks ago I read a blog post by Scary Mommy titled I Hate Playing With MyChildren.  This post really hit home with me and it felt good that I am not the only one that feels this way.  A few days after reading this post I realized that there are actually a few ways that every parent actually LOVES playing with their kids.

Hiding in the closet with my coffee
Hide and <Eventually> Seek
Every mom loves hide and <eventually> seek.  When you have small children getting 30 uninterrupted seconds of peace and quiet is very difficult to find and Hide and Seek is the answer.   The best part about this game is that it works two ways!  You can either be the hider and hide someplace hard or even just take a potty break.  You can also be the seeker and just take your sweet time finding your little cherubs, maybe while you sip a cup of coffee.

Hair Salon
This is literally my favorite game ever, for so many obvious reasons.  One, I love to have my hair brushed by almost anyone, I don’t even mind if it’s more of a mess after the game than before. The second best part is I normally get to be seated for this game.  I have two daughters so I am hopeful for many years of playing Hair Salon with them. Bonus points for anyone that can get their kids to do a full scalp massage!
Nap Time
The Doctor prescribed a nap!
Kids love to mimic anything that their parents do and one of my favorites is when they put me down for a nap.  It normally involves them bringing out ever throw pillow we own and a few blankets but I must say that they make a pretty comfy bed.  Of course the more you resist the more they insist that you lay down and be quiet so you might even be able to get in a two minute power nap if you are lucky.  Lately my girls also like to put each other down for a nap, making a bed on the floor for the other one, its a nice quiet game. Note this also works if you are the patient while playing doctor.

Play Cleaning
Chores or game?
Continuing with the mimicking theme, my three year old is now obsessed with cleaning even declaring that she wants a vacuum cleaner for her birthday (her Uncle David would be so proud)!  Some of my favorite ways to play this game are to give her a dusting rag and just let her dust whatever she wants or a broom and let her sweep.  My three year old even likes to bring out her little stool and help me dry dishes. One of my good friend’s daughter even likes to unload the dishwasher. This “game” is the best because not only do you get something done but you also get some quality time with your child while they learn a life skill. Take advantage of it before they figure out you are putting them to work!
The Searching Game
This game works differently on different kids and depending upon the child can last for a long time.  One of the best things about this game is that it can be customized to fit any situation.  The general premise of the game is that you either hide objects for your children to find or you ask them to go locate a particular item in their room/play room.  Lately we have been hiding (or just throwing them on the floor) Easter eggs for the girls to pick up.  You can also work on colors, shapes, etc. by asking your child to go into their room and find a certain object.  This game is great because you can normally sit at the table drinking your coffee (or wine, I won’t judge) while your child plays this game.
These are some of my favorite games, comment with your favorite game or activity to play with your child!
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