Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Diaper Junction AIO Trial Results and Giveaway!

One of my favorite styles of diaper is the All-In-One (AIO) but frequently they are SOOOO expensive that it makes it really cost prohibitive to have a full stash of them.  Recently Diaper Junction send me their One Size All-In-One to perform my diaper trial on.  I was so excited to receive this diaper, because at $9.95 this is a very cost effective diaper that is sold by a U.S. owned company (and therefore meets all US safety requirements)!  I had really high hopes for this diaper and I was not disappointed!!

Number times of uses: 12
Number of leaks: 0!!
Longest wear without a leak: 3 hours, 15 minutes
Big Booty factor: 4
Best Use: daddy/babysitter, naps, out of the house
Favorite Features: AIO style, Price!

Great Quality with really nice features
Amazing price at $9.95 a diaper
Semi-attached soaker makes washing and changing easy
More bulky than I normally like
Attached soaker can't be cleaned or dried separately
Absorbent layers are synthetic materials

Frequently inexpensive diapers shortcut on the features so when I got the Diaper Junction AIO I was pleasantly surprised that this includes features like hip snaps, TPU at the waist ("Soaker Stopper") and nice thick feeling TPU.  My next pleasant surprise was that although the soaker material is made of synthetic material (my soaker material preference is bamboo) this diaper has serious lasting power, as seen in the trial results.  Normally my synthetic material diapers leak after about 2.5 hours but this one lasted for 3 or more hours a few times!!  After going through the trial I realized that the use of synthetic materials keeps the cost down but the diaper still performs well.
The soaker for this diaper is attached at the back, making it very customizable but also really easy for wash and wear.  I love that this style makes it so easy for laundry day, and for daddy and babysitters to use.  One downside for me about the attached soaker is that I like to be able to wash my inserts separately if they get stained.  Thankfully after a few months of uses, this diaper was still perfectly white!
Overall I think that this is an amazing diaper and for the price you just really can't go wrong.  Diaper Junction was generous enough to provide the diaper for my trial but I am such a believer that I purchased one to give away to one lucky winner!!

Give away is for one Diaper Junction All In One diaper in Timberwolf.  Giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.  Winner will be announced via FaceBook.

Post contains affiliate links.  I was provided a diaper to perform my trial on but results and opinions are all my own.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BumGenius Freetime Cloth Diaper Trial Results

Now that I have reviewed the BumGenius 4.0, New Elemental and Original Elemental the next obvious diaper to put through the diaper trial is the BumGenius Freetime(aff).  I love the Elementals so I was really excited to see how the Freetime compared. 

Number times of uses: 16
Number of leaks: 2
Longest wear without a leak: 4 hours
Big Booty factor: 3.5
Best Use: Naps, out of the house
Favorite Features: flap style soaker, narrowness of the crotch

*All-In-One style is convenient
*Crotch of the FreeTime is more narrow than all other BumGenius/Flip diapers

*Synthetic absorbent materials
*Flap style soaker can be hard to clean for a very messy diaper

Overall I liked the diaper. I love the narrowness through the crotch that makes the diaper less bulky through the legs but the double layer microfiber inserts make it a little fluffier on the bum.  A lot of moms that I know that use cloth diapers prefer the FreeTime version from BumGenius because it is a little less material between their tiny baby's legs.
Based on my past experience cloth diapers with microfiber soakers do not last as long but I know that I can rely on this diaper to perform well as both leaks were at 4+ hours.  I love this diaper for naps because I know it won't leaks and its a great comfortable fit. 
I love all in one style diapers for their ease of use and washing but the flap style soaker not my favorite as it is messy to spray clean.  I also am not the biggest fan of anything microfiber so I definitely prefer the Elemental over the FreeTime but overall I think this is a great diapering option.
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

500 FaceBook Fan Contest!!!

Somewhere in the past few weeks I reached 500 fans and didn't even realize it!!  I have had a fun cloth diaper contest up my sleeve just waiting for this milestone, so here it is :).  
Below is a picture of my solid color diaper rainbow.  There are 10 different brands represented here (plus a few I have made myself, which don't count in the 10) so the contest is guessing the 10 brands included in the picture.  
The rules (and hints):
1. All brands are mainstream brands that you can buy at most cloth diaper retailers.  
2. There may be multiple styles pictured from different brands, but they all count as one brand.
3. Open to US only.
4. Each person can submit one guess in the Rafflecopter form below

The Prizes:
1.  All entries that correctly guess all 10 brands will be entered into a raffle for their choice of: Marie Elemental, Spence Elemental, or a Custom Naturally Crafty Mom Diaper.
2.  All incorrect guesses will be included in a raffle for 6 cloth wipes.
3. You can earn extra entries for the wipes by sharing the contest (must use the share button on the post)
4. During the Contest if the Naturally Crafty Mom FaceBook page reaches more than 750 likes, I will pick two diaper winners from the correct guesses.
This contest is in no way associated with the brands pictured above, and is sponsored solely by me!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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