Monday, February 29, 2016

Bummis All In One Trial Results

HBummis was one of the first cloth diaper brands I ever heard about which isn't surprising since the brand has been around for almost my entire life.  I have owned and loved a few Bummis covers since the beginning of my cloth diaper days so when I heard they were coming out with a new All In One diaper I was quick to request to test it and put it through my diaper trial.

Number times of uses: 12
Number of leaks: 0!!
Longest wear without a leak: 4 hours
Big Booty factor – 4
Best Use: naps, night (with a booster), babysitters/dads, out of the house

·      Very absorbent
·      Inner materials have stayed very soft after multiple washes and line drying
·      Attached soaker is convenient and pocket makes it easy to add extra absorbency
·      Made in America

·        At the higher end of the price range for cloth diapers at $28 a diaper
·     Even on the tightest setting there seems to be extra material
As the details above show this diaper had great results.  The twelve times recorded were on my new baby who we moved to one size diapers recently. All previous diapers were tested by my *now* middle child but since she is partially potty trained I just used it on her for night time and found it to work great, especially with an extra insert stuffed in the pocket (night time not included in official results above).
On top of that my sister used it on my niece and while she didn't track the uses she reported no leaks over multiple uses for 3-4 hours each.

The main tester though is my two month old son.  He may look small (11 pounds in this picture) but he eats and pees quit a bit so I was curious how this diaper would stand up.  As you can see below, on the smallest rise the diaper fits him just fine but does have some extra material on the hips and bum.

Above and beyond the superior performance of the diaper, the thing I was most impressed with was how soft it stayed.  I like to line dry my diapers which makes some of them feel rough or crunch but not with this diaper!!!  The waffle material of the Bummis All in One stayed soft and luxurious after being washed and dried dozens of times. 
This is an all around great American made diaper.  I love a good all in one diaper and was really pleased with the results for the Bummis All in One
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