Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Smart Bottoms Diaper Trial Results

I have been a fan of Smart Bottoms for a while, I bought the older version (version 3.0) and really liked them but never published my results and then they released the new 3.1 version.  Thankfully I was able to borrow a very gently used 3.1 version from a friend to put through my diaper trial.  
Number times of uses: 12
Number of leaks: 1
Longest wear without a leak: 3.5 hours
Big Booty factor: 3
Best Use: out of the house, naps, babysitter

·     The all in one design is convenient
·     Soaker is sewn in on one end making the absorbency easy to customize
·     Smart Bottoms has some of the most unique colors I have seen
·     Sewn in soaker can't be removed to customize laundering
·     More expensive than the average diaper
As you can see from the results above the Smart Bottoms Diaper performed really well.  Smart Bottoms makes an all-in-one diaper which is my favorite style as it is so convenient to wash and put away.  This diaper has a snake like insert that is attached at the back of the diaper and therefore you can customize where you want the absorbency.  Even though I end up line drying the whole diaper, I didn't feel like the soaker got crunchy from the line drying.  My favorite thing about Smart Bottoms is that they have really fun colors (check out spicy tuna)!  I love the unique colors of PUL and the contrasting snaps.  As an avid diaper collector I appreciate unique colors and prints.  While this diaper is more than the average all-in-one diaper, it is organic and made in the USA.  Overall a really great diaper!   

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