Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Make a Cloth Diaper Cake

My little sister is pregnant with her first baby and I couldn't be more excited.  Almost as exciting as having a new niece/nephew is that she has decided that they want to use cloth diapers, yeah!!  This of course is a perfect opportunity for me to buy more diapers and not incur the wrath of my husband.  Once I had all of these cloth diapers, of course the perfect presentation was a diaper cake.  Traditionally you only see diaper cakes using disposable diapers or prefold but because I got her a variety of diapers, this really made for a very colorful "cake".

The Contents:

Here is a picture of all of the diapers included in the "cake" with the exception of the snappis.
This includes:
   8 TXH Newborn AIOs
   6 Prefitteds
   1 Bummis Cover
   2 Snappis
   4 Charlie Bananas
   4 Sunbaby Diapers
   2 SoftBums Echo shells with 2 one size bamboo pods
   2 AI2 shells made by me with 6 snap in inserts
   24 Cloth wipes
   2 small Alva wetbags
   1 Alva pail liner
   1 CJs BUTTer in Monkey Farts
   100 Alva biodegradable liners

The Cake Tiers:

For the bottom tier I included the inserts and liners as the center and then placed all of the newborn diapers and the wetbags around the outside so that it would be fun and colorful.  I just rolled everything up and secured with rubber bands.

For the Second Tier I included the prefitteds in the center and then placed the shells of the Sunbaby and Charlie Banana diapers around the outside (on their side so they didn't stand up too high).

The top tier has the cloth wipes I made rolled up in the center and the SoftBums, AI2s I made and the Bummis cover on the outside.

I did not secure each of the layers to each other, I just placed one on top of the other.  Once I had it all together I tied Orange and Blue ribbon (go Gators!) around all of the layers to bring it all together.  Overall I was really happy with how it turned out and I think she will be really happy with the diapers!
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