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Review and Giveaway: GlowBug Cloth Diapers

I am very excited to finally post my review and giveaway for GlowBug Cloth Diapers.  I received a diaper from GlowBug Cloth Diapers for my trial and review and I have spent the past month putting it to the test. 
When I first started cloth diapering I did a trial of all of the different diapers I bought and I conducted this trial in a very similar fashion.  The only differences are that this time I used the diaper on both girls (Claire is about 23 pounds and 2 years old and Hadley is 8 months and about 18 pounds).  I also really pushed the diaper to see how long it could really be worn before it leaked.  This means that the overall leak count was higher than before but that's because I had my daughters wear it until it leaked.

Number times of uses: 12
Number of leaks: 5
Longest wear without a leak (one insert): 3 hours, 15 minutes
Big Booty factor – One Insert: 3.5
Big Booty factor – Two Inserts: 5
Best Use: Exclusively breastfed babies, Travel, Naps and Night time
Favorite Features: 360 degree gussets, inserts that snap into the diaper and to each other, openings at the front and back of pocket

Inexpensive (A pack of 12 diapers and 18 inserts is $150)
360 degree gussets work great
Snap in inserts and double openings make changing a breeze
Can only be bought in packs of 12, no individual diapers
Two inserts are very bulky

When I was looking at GlowBug Cloth Diapers I was really excited to try one, the 360 degree gussets had me very intrigued as I have never seen this feature before.  Upon receiving the diaper I was also pleasantly surprised that the microfiber inserts snap not only into the diaper but also to each other so that you can snap in multiple inserts.  I immediately prepped the diaper but realized that when I was playing with the rise snaps that I had inadvertently pulled one of the snaps through the fabric.  Although I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to put it on my baby immediately I did recognize this as a great opportunity to comment on GlowBug's customer service.  I contacted Customer Service immediately and in no time they had provided me instructions on returning the diaper (they reimburse for shipping) and getting it fixed.  Within a weeks time the diaper was back in my possession and on my oldest daughter, so overall I was very impressed with their Customer Service.

Claire - One Insert
Hadley - One Insert

I don't like my diaper to be bulky, so I started with just one insert and would change my girls around the 2-2.5 hour mark, never with any leaks.  Then I started really putting the diaper to the test and would leave it on them until I noticed a leak.  With this approach the average time until a leak was approximately 3 hours.  On the last day of my trial I put my older daughter in the diaper with both inserts and let her go.  She actually went 6 hours without a leak and I only had to change her because she pooped in the diaper, pretty impressive!!!

Claire - Two Inserts

Hadley - Two Inserts
Other than the lack of leaks, I really enjoyed the other features of the diaper as well.  I love the 360 degree gussets.  I "got lucky" that my younger daughter got a cold, and so for about 5 days I didn't feed her any solids but only breastfed her.  Since I essentially had a exclusively breastfed baby again, I really got to appreciate the 360 degree gussets and never had a leak (and I had some serious dirty diapers!).  I also really like that there are openings in the front and back of the diaper.  Not nearly enough pocket diapers have this feature, but I love that I can just unsnap the insert and throw it in the wash.  I don't have to worry about pulling out the insert as it will just agitate out in the wash. 
After a month of trials, the only potential downside for me would be that they can not be bought individually and that you don't get to pick your colors.  I really like to sample all sorts of diapers and a huge reason I cloth diaper is the cuteness factor so this would be a big concession for me.  Thankfully all of the diapers I have seen that they make are really cute and I appreciate that they use coordinating snaps (some diaper companies just throw white snaps on everything) so I would probably take a chance and order a dozen or split a pack with a friend.

Overall this is a very solid diaper.  It has a lot of unique features that make it feel very well thought out, and it seems to be really well made. 

Win a GlowBug Cloth Diaper ($12.50 value) of your own!!  Give away is open to US and Canadian Residents and the winner will have a choice of boy, girl or a gender neutral color.

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Disclosure: GlowBug Cloth Diapers provided a diaper for me to try free of charge.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 
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  1. your daughters are sooo cute and they rock this diaoer well!

    1. thank you, they are my dolls and love to run around in cute diapers :)