Monday, February 17, 2014

Updated Wash Routine and Tide with Acti-Lift Review

You have maybe read my post from a few months ago about my washing routine.  Since then I have made a few edits that I want to share, but I also want to share my experience with the new Tide with Acti-Lift. 

Washing Routine Changes
I have made 3 important changes to my wash routine: 1. I set all of my wash settings to no spin, this keeps my diaper saturated with water and ensures more water at the next cycle.  2. Instead of including the rinse in my hot wash cycle, I set it to no rinse, no spin, and then do a separate cold rinse cycle with an extra rinse 3. I use more detergent.  Using more detergent has made a big difference.  I feel like a lot of detergent instructions are vague and I could never figure out what was a small, medium or large load.  I was so glad when I read the article by Diaper Junction about how much detergent to use, I now use Tide up to the 3 line and my diaper smell great!  Remember that different people will get different results, continue to tweak your wash routine until you find something that works for you.  I do hope though by sharing what works for me and my circumstances, that I can help someone. 

Tide with Acti-Life Review
I also wanted to post about my experience with the new Tide with Acti-Lift. When the version with Acti-Lift came out I know there were a lot of questions within the cloth diapering community about if the new formula would cause problems.  With much apprehension I bought a box of the new Tide (I saved a few scoops of my old Tide just in case) and gave it a try.  I have now been through almost 2 boxes of the new Tide and I have yet to notice any difference.  My diapers are still very clean, my sensitive girls have not had a reaction and over all I am very happy with it. 
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