Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Enough with the Lists!!!

I know this post isn't about my normal natural parenting or crafting but writing about this has been eating away at me for a month so I finally decided to share my thoughts.
I love FaceBook as a tool to keep up with friends and family as well as my favorite cloth diaper resources but I am over the lists!  Every day I see a new one: 10 things not to say to a mom of multiples, 35 things not to say to a nursing mother, 64 things not to say to a parent of a specials needs child, 1, 574 things not to say to a pregnant woman.  While I understand that the purpose of these lists is to inform people that there might be a nicer way to formulate their questions what I really get out of it is that we have turned into a nation of Easily Offended Mothers.  The over prevalence of these lists, instead of encouraging a change in the way we ask questions, discourages mom's from asking each other questions, learning from our differences and communicating with each other. 
I 100% recognize that some people are just rude and inconsiderate and in that case you should just ignore what they have to say, but most people are just asking questions or making statements to their fellow moms to support them or learn from them.  Mom's need to recognize the intent behind the questions instead of focusing so much on how it is worded (its the thought that counts right?).  It makes me sad to think that we would let these lists break down the lines of communication between moms because we are too afraid to talk to each other out of fear of saying the wrong thing.  These lists are really just an extension of the mommy wars, instead of supporting each other we are correcting each other's approach on every possible subject.
So...Enough with the Lists!!!  Let's get back to being a community of moms that focus on lifting each other up, learning from ether other and celebrating our differences.  We need to stop being so easily offended and instead be the strong moms that we are! 
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  1. I absolutely agree! If we would spend as much time lifting each other up as we do getting offended by someone else's actions the world would be a lovely place. There is no reason we can't talk to each other about our differences or things we are unfamiliar with. Found you on "Can't Google Everything". Great post! Kim from Life Over C's

  2. Kim thanks so much for stopping over!!! I love the link up, its actually a great example of mom's supporting each other :)

  3. Wow! I love this post; i truly believe that we need to spend more time being connecting honestly with one another rather than managing each others emotions and pulses. Thanks you so much for sharing this!
    Passing by from the u cant google everything link up
    Marwa @blossomfamily.net