Monday, October 21, 2013

Bows and Bloomers

This coming weekend we will travel with our 2 girls to North Carolina for my sister-in-law's wedding (stay tuned for the longer term travel with cloth post).  I spent the weekend making sure I had or made the girls accessories for the weekend.  I am considering putting the girls in disposable diapers for the actual wedding, as I am a bridesmaid and I won't have as much time to make sure they are changed frequently and I don't want to have any leak problems on their pretty dresses so I made them diaper covers.  I also wanted to make sure that they have cute hair bows for all of their outfits for the weekend (Rehearsal dinner and wedding).  Recently a friend and I ordered the flower grab bag from Shabby Rose Trim (you can find them on Etsy or where you get one of each flower they have in stock for a set price.  I love this shop and buy all of the flowers that I don't make myself from them.  I already had elastic on hand so we had a little crafting party and made a few clips and headbands.  I loved the grab bag and it was so much fun laying out all of the flowers and pairing them to make pretty hair pieces (I unfortunately didn't get a picture of when I had them organized by color and type, OCD much?)
To make the headbands, I measured my girls head and subtracted about an inch from the measurement and cut the elastic at that length.  You can then either use hot glue or sew the ends together, it doesn't have to look perfect because the flower will go over where the seam is.  I then selected flowers to go together and tried out different lay outs to see how they looked best.  Before gluing flowers together trim off any extra mesh backing to make the flower look cleaner.  Once they are clean and in the configuration that you want, use hot glue to secure them together.  Then glue your flower configuration to the headband and glue felt behind that (the elastic should be sandwiched between the flower and the felt).  That's all there is to it to make beautiful headbands!!!
Here are the headbands and clips that I made this weekend:

For the bloomers/diaper covers I used the pattern by Dana Made It and added ruffles to the butt (because who doesn't like a baby with ruffles on their butt).  The pattern is very easy to follow and fits pretty true to size, but it is a little bulky in the front for my little girls. 
Although for the wedding they will have actual dresses on, here are my girls in their adorable bloomers and headbands :).  I think these will be great accessories for the wedding.
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  1. Adorable!!! I love the diaper covers - you're right, ruffle bums are the cutest! Well done, mama.

  2. Thank you!!! Now I just want to make more :)

  3. These are so, so, so cute! Thanks for linking up with Time For Mom!