Tuesday, October 8, 2013

National Babywearing Week

October 6-12 marks National Babywearing week.  I don't babywear exclusively (I do have a single and double stroller that I love as well) but it can be so convenient to wear your baby especially when they want to be held all the time and you have a toddler.
We have a couple of different (4 actually) different baby carriers that we like to use.  They all have different uses but I definitely have a most and least favorite.

The first baby carrier I had was the Moby wrap, this is a great carrier for when your baby is small and perfect to cuddle a newborn.  For me, it is not support enough (for mom or the baby) when the baby gets bigger.

The second carrier we had is a Snuggli (a lot like a baby bjorn).  I received this from a friend and we used it for a short period but I really don't like the style.  This type of carrier has the baby hanging from their crotch and is not good for their hip and leg development.  It also doesn't seem very comfortable to be dangling like this and Claire would not tolerate being in this carrier for very long (we never used it for Hadley).  

To replace the Snuggli we bought an Ergo carrier and this is hands down my favorite!!  As you can see the baby (or toddler) sits in the carrier thus supporting their hips and making it much more comfortable.  This carrier also has a hip strap that makes it really comfortable for mom.  As seen below, I will carry my 20 pound toddler around the zoo for hours in this carrier without it ever hurting my back because of the hip support.  

For baby #2 i decided to make a ring sling.  I like this carrier a lot also and it was perfect for when Hadley was little.  I think its comfortable to wear a ring sling a little longer than the Moby, but I still prefer the Ergo once they get a little older.  

If I didn't already have the Moby then having just the ring sling for a newborn would be perfect.  Since I have all three, I like the Moby for the first month, the ring sling until they are about 15 pounds or have good head control and then the Ergo after that.  I love being able to wear my babies and I encourage everyone to give it a try.  Be sure to follow all manufacture warnings though, and research safe babywearing before you begin!

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  1. We love our Ergo! So comfortable - like you said, I can wear my daughter for hours (and she's 20lbs) without hardly feeling it. I have a ring sling that I used a bit when she was small, but she never really liked it - probably because I didn't know what I was doing when I put her in it! :) I like that your husband also wears the baby - my husband's only done it a couple times...I need to get him doing it more!

    1. Going through my pictures I think my husband actually does most of the babywearing :). He loves that it is so comfortable and he loves the snuggles!

  2. Oooo what a great idea for a post! I didn't know it was National Babywearing Week! ;) Thanks for joining us at Time for Mom. See you next week!