Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cloth Diaper Trial: Little Chickadee Designs

Number times of uses: 9
Number of leaks: 1
Longest wear without a leak: 5 hours
Big Booty factor – 2
Best Use: Under tight pants or without pants at all! 

·     Trim diaper that is also very absorbent
·     Fun and unique prints as well as possible custom work
·   Absorbent natural materials
·  All in One Style with attached soaker is very convenient
·  Option to add absorbency with snap in booster

·   Expensive
·     Attached soaker takes a VERY long time to dry

I am excited to report on the first WAHM (Work At Home Mom) made diaper I have purchased and put through my trial.  I found Little Chickadee Designs (LCD) through the moms that are Peachy Green fans as they have a very similar style.  LCD diapers can be purchased through the owner's store on Hyena Cart and new diapers including custom spots are stocked periodically (like the LCD FaceBook page for updates on stockings).  I love that since this is a WHAM made diaper that there are so many different options (attached soaker, soaker materials, boosters, etc.), sized or one size, so many fun different prints to choose from and because they are not mass produced they are all one of a kind. 

I choose an All in One style diaper that is red and white chevron print.   The diaper has a sewn in bamboo soaker topped with micro fleece (so that the baby feels dry) that included a snap in hemp booster.  My first thought when I received my diaper was that it was really beautifully sewn.  As you may have gathered I do a lot of sewing and I like to think I am pretty good behind a sewing machine so hopefully my assessment of the quality of the construction holds some weight.

I washed the diaper once and then immediately put it on my daughter.  This resulted in the first leak which I think was due to not fully prepping the bamboo.  I washed the diaper a few more times and never had another leak.  In my trial I noted that with the booster the diaper lasted 5 hours without a leak and the longest time recorded without the booster was 2+ hours.  I would definitely trust this diaper for longer wear when out and it is so trim it fits great under tight clothes (but almost too cute to cover up).

Overall I love this diaper (and I have since purchased 2 more!).  The only downside for me is that it is a little pricey (about $27 shipped based on the options I choose) and because it is not a mainstream brand may not have as good of a resale value.  If you want a trim diaper that is unique/custom this is the diaper for you!

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