Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Body Back: The Results

After 6 weeks of eating right and exercising more than I have in years I am happy to share the results of my Body Back experience.  If you remember my goals they were mostly related to the number on the scale but I am so please that the results were made up of so much more than that!  Today I am going to share not only my results but also the average results from the group of women.
Of course my original focus was to lose weight and inches.  From my first pregnancy I am still holding onto about 8 pounds that I have really been struggling to lose.  In the first four weeks of the program I lost four pounds and then all the sudden gained two back.  Two weeks after the program ended I all the sudden dropped the two pounds again.  After a lot of thought I realized that I had quit breastfeeding around the four week mark so my best guess is that my body went into starvation mode and held the weight for a bit until it regulated.  So based on that I am taking credit for my four pound weight loss. 
My Results:
My Weight Loss: 4 pounds
Chest Inches Lost: 0 inches
Waist Inches Lost: 2.5 inches
Hips Inches Lost: 1 inch
Thigh Inches Lost: 1 inch
Total Inches Lost: 4.5 inches
Group Results:
Average Weight Loss: 6.4 pounds
Average Inches Lost: 3.5 inches
Some moms lost over 10 pounds during the six weeks of classes!!  Of course individual experiences are going to heavily depend upon where you are post-partum and your individual body but everyone did amazing!
Some unexpected results are the fitness and strength results that I experienced.  I didn't think that in 6 weeks I would see as significant results as I did!!  I remember during a yoga class mid way through the body back experience that I felt like I was really strong during the poses.  I figured that it was just my imagination or maybe it was an easy class but looking back I realize that I really was that strong!  I find that during my stroller strides classes that I can now push myself harder because I am stronger and so I get an even better workout.  Overall I am thrilled with the strength and muscle tone that I have built from the body back classes, here are my results:
Number of reps in a minute -
Bicep Curls: From 27 to 34, 26% increase
Push-ups: From 13 to 27, 108% increase
Sit-ups: From 22 to 23, 5% increase
Squats: From 35 to 55, 57%
Number of minutes I can hold -
Plank: From 1 minutes to 2:05, 108%
Side-Bridge: From 28 seconds to 1:27, 201%
Looking at the numbers its hard not to be really pleased with my results.  I have noticed a big difference in how my cloths fit and I have even had to take in some pants.  I do not fully have my body back, but the program gave me the tools that I need to keep losing weight and getting back (or better) to where I use to be.
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  1. Good for you! Those are great results and it seems like you found a fantastic program. I'm hoping to be back to pre-baby weight before going back to work from maternity leave in a month. Found you on the Time for Mom hop. www.brendablogsabout.com