Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trying to Get My Body Back

I am excited to have a little something different to share with you over the next 6 weeks, my adventure with the Body Back program.  It is a 6 week program and I will be blogging about it throughout the program but today I want to cover why I am doing the body back program.
Our Instructors results - stay tuned for mine!
I've been attending Stroller Strides classes for the past year and I love it because its the perfect way to fit in a workout and not have to worry about childcare (especially the scary gym kind).  As most of my readers will know, I have two little girls that are 2.5 years and 14 months (17 months apart).  I thankfully lost all of the weight I gained with my second child by the time she was 9 months old but I am still holding onto the 10 pounds I didn't lose from my pregnancy with my first daughter.  After losing the initial weight I have hit a plateau and I knew that something dramatic needed to happen to get over the hump.  Thankfully the Body Back program was starting up and I knew this was exactly what I needed to get to my goal so here are the main reasons that I will be doing Body Back.
My first class - you can do anything for one minute!
1. Like I briefly mentioned before, I had hit a weight loss plateau and it seemed like my own efforts were not enough.  People kept telling me that the last weight would drop off after I stopped nursing my baby, but even though we are down to just night nursing it's still holding on. 
2. The program encourages exercise and healthy eating.  My mom always says that these are the key to weight loss/management so I knew that this program could work for me.
3.  Other than eating healthy there aren't a lot of food restrictions which is perfect for me.  I LOVE food and I don't think I would survive 6 weeks let alone 6 days on too restrictive of a diet.  The program also provides some meal suggestions and a lot of info about healthy eating.  I have tried out some of the recipes on my family and we all agree that they taste great.
4.  I love that the program is in a group exercise setting.  I have a hard time exercising on my own so I love that we not only exercise in a group but also have each other for support through the program.
I am really hopeful about the results I will see in 6 weeks and I hope you will follow along with me for the journey.  I took before pictures and will take after pictures when it is all done and I will share them here when the program is done.
In return for my honest review I have been provided complimentary in the Body Back program.  All results and opinions are my own.
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  1. Looks great! I already told my hubs that I'm doing it after we have our 3rd child. And thanks for blogging about it so it's less of a mystery for the rest of us. :)