Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Original BumGenius Elemental Diaper Trial Results

I put the New BumGenius Elemental (NBGE) through my diaper trail and reported the results at the beginning of the year.  BumGenius redesigned the Elemental diaper a few years ago but people that love BumGenius are still obsessed with the Original design (OBGE) and frequently they sell online used for more than retail.   Since trying the NBGE I have been dying to try the OBGE.  There are a lot of blog that compare the styles (Haute Clothed Buns does a great one) but I needed to know how they performed compared to each other.  If you remember from my trial of the NBGE, the performance was pretty much bulletproof, so I was excited to see how the OBGE performed.

Number times of uses: 12
Number of leaks: 0
Longest wear without a leak: 3 hours
Big Booty factor: 3
Best Use: Daddy/babysitter, out of the house, nap time
Favorite Features: sewn in soaker, trim, bamboo soaker

* AIO style  makes it very easy to use
* Double absorbency: attached and a semi detached soaker
* Bamboo inserts are absorbent and trim

* Attached/semi attached soaker makes it so you cant customize washing
* You can't buy them new anymore :(

Overall I loved this diaper!!!  With zero leaks, this obviously performed amazingly and consistently lasted more than two hours.  The fit of the diaper is great with the stretchy BumGenius Tabs and trimness of the bamboo inserts.
Of course the big question is how does it compare to the NBGE??? I love both diapers but I actually like the fit of the NBGE better.  The NBGE is trimmer across the bum although the OBGE is narrower in the crotch.  This was a welcomed conclusion for me since you can't buy OBGE anymore except through buy/sale/trade groups online or local.  If you can get my hands on a OBGE for a decent price though, I will definitely be buying more.

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