Monday, January 5, 2015

Diaper Trial Results: Grovia Hybrid Shell and Organic Cotton Insert

The Grovia All-In-One was one of the original diapers that I put through my diaper trial and it was also the first All-In-One style diaper that I ever tried (thus commenced my love of this style).  I had really good results with my Grovia All-In-One and I have wanted to try the Hybrid version for a while.  I love following Grovia, I think they make a great product and I love that they have partnered with Giving Diapers Giving Hope.  I also thought their Kickstarter campaign was brilliant and I can't wait to receive my O.N.E. diaper and put that through the trial!  For my test of the hybrid diaper I selected the Organic Cotton soaker pads since I prefer natural materials.

Results of the Diaper Trial:
Number times of uses: 15
Number of leaks: 2
Longest wear without a leak: 4 hours
Big Booty factor: 3
Best Use: naps, travel, out and about

* Very unique colors and patterns
* TPU backed inserts makes it so your hands don't get wet with diaper changes
* Soaker snaps in at front and back of cover

* Might not fit skinnier babies (snap shell version)

Overall this was a great diaper.  I only had 2 leaks out of the 15 uses and one was really tiny (after 1.5 hours) and the other one was right after I put the diaper on so I think it was a fluke.  I love All-In-Two or Hybrid style diapers because they are more economical and for me if you are going to reduce waste it just make sense to be able to reuse the shell.  Like all of the AI2 diaper that I have tried, I am able to use the shell until my baby poops and then I like to use a new shell.  One of the great features of the Grovia Soaker pads is that they are backed with TPU.  I noticed that this served a few functions, first it contains the moisture and keeps the shell from getting wet but it also makes it so that when I am transporting the used soaker pad to my diaper pail that I don't have to touch a wet insert. 

I was very happy with the inserts but I also liked the cover as well.  I used the cover when I tried out the disposable inserts, including the Grovia BioSoaker, a few weeks ago as well as with other inserts/flats and was pleased with them all.  My only concern with the cover is that my 23 pound, 21 month old alternates between the tightest waist snap and the next snap down so I would be concerned that it might not fit on a skinny or very young baby.  My girls are tall and skinny though so this may not be a problem or might only be a problem for a very select few. 

I loved this diaper so much that I definitely plan on buying more covers and inserts in the future.  I love all of the fun colors and patterns that Grovia comes up with and I have yet to try a product of theirs that I don't like.    Have you tried Grovia Diapers?  What is your favorite Grovia product?
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