Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Disposable Inserts Trial Results: Charlie Banana and Grovia

Earlier this week I posted about how I have been trying out disposable/hybrid inserts for my cloth diapers and putting them through my cloth diaper trial.  Today I am sharing the results for two of the brands (the other three brands will be later this week): Charlie Banana disposable inserts and Grovia BioSoakers.

Charlie Banana disposable inserts
Number times of uses: 10
Number of leaks: 0
Longest wear without a leak: 2 hours, 45 minutes
Cost: $15.88 for a pack of 32 inserts or $0.50 per insert
Size: 4.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches long
The Charlie Banana disposable inserts were the first ones that I tried and I was really impressed.  I have previously reviewed the Charlie Banana pocket diaper with both the microfiber inserts as well as the hemp insets so I was glad to round out my review of the brand with the disposable inserts.  As their website notes they are also chlorine free, plastic free, dye free perfume free and hypo-allergic. The materials used include bamboo fibers on the outside and biodegradable wood pulp fibers at the core.
I previously did not have an interest in any disposable products due to the perceived cost but I am glad I finally got to try them. The cost is slightly more than mainstream disposable diapers and about the same cost as eco disposable brands.  I used the Charlie Banana inserts with both the Charlie Banana pocket shells (laid on top), SoftBums shells and covers.  One insert easily lasts 3+ hours (since these were the first ones I tried I didn't push them too hard) and two inserts will last all night (I only tried this one but it was 12+ hours).  I love the flexibility with these inserts, they fit with a variety of brands and I never had a leak! I also like these better than disposable options because I felt like I wasn't wasting as much.  Overall these are a great disposable option.
Grovia BioSoaker
Number times of uses: 8
Number of leaks: 0
Longest wear without a leak: 4 hours
Cost per Insert: $7.99 for 20 inserts or $0.40 per insert
Size: 4 inches wide x 13 inches long
Another one of the disposable inserts that I tried was the Grovia BioSoaker.  As you can tell from the picture these are a little bit different than the other inserts.  They have a gathered leg so that the insert is contoured, sticky tabs at the front and back of the insert so that it can be attached to the cover of your choice and a waterproof layer on the back of the insert. These features were actually really cool, I loved that the insert would stay where I put it and the contouring made the insert fit more like a disposable.  Although I didn't have any leaks with any of the disposable inserts I'm sure that the waterproof layer would help contain any leaks.  I was able to use these inserts with my Grovia shell, SoftBums shells, Charlie banana covers and other waterproof covers.  The one bad thing about all of these features is that it makes the insert less customizable.  One of the things that I loved about the other inserts was that I would adjust the absorbency or layer them (I didn't try layering with the BioSoakers but I think the waterproof layer would make that hard) to get the desired effect.  With that being said I never had a lead with these inserts so I was very, very happy with how well they performed on their own.
After trying out these first two brands, I am a believer when it comes to disposable inserts.  Stay tuned for my results of the final 3 brands later this week!

**Post contains affiliate links.  Some inserts were provided for my review but all opinions and results are my own**
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