Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Doll Diaper bags

Some of my older daughters friends have their second birthdays coming up and I was trying to think of good gifts for them.  Lately my daughter loves her baby dolls and also loves anything to carry other stuff in (e.g. baskets, buckets, tupperware, etc.) so I came up with the idea of making them baby doll diaper bags.  I used the tutorial by Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night.  Overall I thought the tutorial was good and I love how the bags turned out, I can't wait to give them to the girls.  I think I am going to also make them a few diapers and wipes to put in their bag and use on their baby dolls.

Cost:I spent about $27 but I probably got enough for 3-4 bags.  I also used 50% off coupons at Joann's so I estimate I spent about $8-10 on each bag
Time to complete: 2 hours
Difficulty: Intermediate
Notes: Overall the tutorial was good, there are just a few things that I did differently and I have detailed them below.

1. As long as your material is at least 45 inches wide, you need 20 inches of material, so I just got 5/8ths to be safe.  I got the same amount for both the inside and outside.
2. Instead of doing step 2 by sewing all the walls together and then trying to fit the bottom in, I sewed it like I was sewing a cube.  First I sewed all of the walls to the base so that it made a + sign
After getting all of the walls sewn to the base, I then sewed up each side of the wall to connect them (right sides together).
3. Instead of folding and pressing the straps and then top stitching, I sewed them right sides together, turned them inside out and then top stitched along both sides.
4. Instead of sewing the inside and outside material for the flaps together like in step 8, I sewed the flaps to the edge of the bag.
Note that after taking the picture above I realized that I needed to sandwich the straps between the sides and the flaps, so I took a seam ripper and made holes big enough for the straps (I just forgot to take a picture after), so make sure that you add the straps at this step also.

* repeat above steps for the liner material
5. Once you have the outside and line materials assembled you can move on to attaching them together.  Leave the outside material inside out and place the liner material with the right side inside the bag (so that right sides are touching).  Then starting on the edge of one of the flaps I sewed the outside to the liner with the right sides together.  I left about the length of one flap open so that I could turn the bag right side out.  After turning right side out I top stitched the opening close and proceeded around the edge of the bag and around the other flap. 
Overall I think these turned out really cute and I am very pleased with it.  Using either the original tutorial or my adjustments will get you to the same outcome, I just had some changes based on what made sense to me.

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