Thursday, July 4, 2013

Baby doll diapers and wipes

To go with the Baby Doll diaper bag I posted about previously I made a few diapers and wipes.  I used the pattern from One Little Project.

Cost: free - I used material scraps that I already had as well as Velcro that I had
Time to complete: 20 minutes for each diaper plus any time for ruffles, etc.
Difficulty: Easy

Notes: I used a pretty cotton material for the outsides and white fleece for the inside.  I stitched them right sides together and then turned and top stitched.  I liked using felt for the decorative heart since felt won't fray.  The "wipes" are just serged 4x5 pieces of fleece. 

Overall I am really please with how they turned out.  They really fit a variety sizes of dolls and were very easy to make.  I hope my daughter's friends enjoy them!


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