Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ring Sling Tutorial Review

For my two girls I have both a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier.  I like both and they both serve a purpose but I was really wanting a ring sling.  A friend recomended the tutorial by Deriving Mommyhood so I decided to try it out.  ETA: The Deriving Mommyhood link no longer works but this tutorial is exactly the same).

*my sister and 4 month old loving the new wrap
Cost: Approximately $25 with the rings and fabric half price off
Time to Complete: About an hour and a half (this is an estimate since I forgot to start my timer)
Difficulty: Easy - if you can sew a straight line then you can sew this
Notes:  Overall I love my new ring sling.  I did follow the suggestion to use slingrings.com and they are perfect for this project.  The only things I changed is that after sewing the right sides together I serged the edges before turning and topstitiching.  I also only added one pocket and I added it after the sling was finished.  I wasn't sure about the length and I didn't want to add the pocket too early, so I just sewed it though both layers of the sling. Also I followed the placement of the solid v.s the pattern and if you follow the tutorial the solid will be on the oustide like shown with my sling.
I have found the instructions for threading the sling and using the sling at Sweet Pea Slings to be helpful in using my sling (but can not speak to their actual slings).

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