Sunday, July 7, 2013

SoftBums Customer Service Review

As I have only been cloth diaper for a relatively short time I have not had an instance where I needed to contact a cloth diaper's customer service yet.  With the introduction of Chev-worm by SoftBums as the June Calendar Bum I knew I had to have one and ordered one as soon as they were available.  Based on my previous review, you might remember how much I love my SoftBums anyways.  When I received the diaper I noticed that the toggles that are used to adjust the elastic and therefore the size were not holding the way my other SoftBums did.  When I would pull the elastic into the casing to set the size they would move and therefore the size I set it at did not hold.  I e-mailed SoftBums customer service immediately.  I was very pleasantly surprised when a representative from SoftBums got back to me right away.  We exchanged multiple e-mails trying to trouble shoot my issue and when nothing worked they offered to send me new toggles. 

I sent them my addresses and received a shipping confirmation almost immediately.  They shipped so fast that I had them in hand less than a week before sending the original e-mail!!!  I put the new toggles on my elastic and they work great!! 

For me customer is very important and I appreciate a company that truly stands behind their product. SoftBums are amazing diapers and now I can add amazing customer service to my assessment.

And now for the obligatory diaper picture modled by my almost 4 month old (approximately 13.5 pounds) daughter in her new Chev-Worm :)


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