Monday, August 5, 2013

Diaper Budget Suggestion: $200

I have often wondered to myself, after testing all of the brands of diapers found at my diaper review and after all of the knowledge I have acquired in the past few month, what would I buy if I had a certain budget?  I decided that this week I will go through what I would buy if my budget was $200, $400 and $600.  I think it is important to note that all of my selections will be based on the purchase of new diapers at full price and does not require any sewing skills.  I frequently make my own inserts and have made my own diapers to save money, but these suggestions will be based on new purchases only.  My selections do not include a newborn stash so all diapers should start to fit around 8 pounds and I also did not make selections that are specific to overnight diapering (this is a whole different beast!)  All these are only my suggestions based on my experience.  Different people will have different experience and selections should be made based on your baby's shape and size and your family's lifestyle. 

Today I am going to start with what I would purchase if I had a $200 budget.  Thankfully (because it is Monday!) this is the easiest one for me, I would pretty much purchase an entire stash of Sunbaby diapers.  These diapers fall into the classification of "Chinese cheapies" but I have always had really good luck with them.  When friends are on a tight budget and buying more diapers I always recommend Sunbaby diapers.  I have a preference for the blend inserts (2 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of microfiber) and Sunbaby diapers has recently redone their blend inserts so that they lay flatter and are more absorbent.  Sunbaby diapers are pocket diapers so they are easy for everyone to use and they have a large pocket so they are easy to stuff.  When I did my diaper reviews I had not had my Sunbaby diapers for very long, but since they I can confidently say that both my girls can wear them for at least 2 hours if not average 2.5-3 before they leak.  I also threw in 6 infant prefolds to my suggestion as I think it is always handy to have some on hand to double stuff your diapers for long naps or night time.  I like to buy unbleached Indian cotton prefolds from Cotton Babies.  Also,m all of my recommendations will include wet bags and pail liners from and a CJs pot of BUTTer.  I think these are good accessories that work well and are priced right.

My daughter in her size 1 Sunbaby:

So here is what I would buy:

24 Sunbaby diapers with blend inserts: $126
6 infant prefolds: $9
2 Alva wet bags: $10
1 Alva pail liner: $6
8oz CJ's tub of BUTTer:$15
TOTAL: $166

As you can see this actually comes in under budget, so that gives you some wiggle room to buy other accessories that you want or a fun diaper down the road.  24 pocket diapers will make it so that you can wash your diapers every 2-3 days depending on your baby's age. 

Another common suggestion for those on a tight budget is prefolds and covers, but to be honest when I priced them out they were more expensive than getting all Sunbaby diapers and in my opinion I would rather have a pocket diaper than mess with prefolds.  Be sure to check back later this week for my suggestions for a $400 and $600 budget (or just sign up to follow by e-mail and get updates delivered directly to your inbox!).

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  1. Great suggestions, although I still don't think I could use cloth diapers! :) I am a disposable diaper person I guess!