Friday, August 9, 2013

Diaper Budget Suggestion: $600

This week the theme is what would I buy with a specific budget. Today our budget has increased even more to $600. I feel like at $600 you can really get a great stash.  If you don't have a cloth diaper buying addition like I do where you feel like you need more and more and more, then buying the items below would create a great stash.  If you have an inkling that you might develop a cloth diaper buying addition then maybe start with the $400 budget and save a bit for buying new and fun brands and prints as you go. 
As with the $200 budget and $400 budget I still suggest to buy 24 Sunbaby diapers with blend inserts, 6 prefolds, 2 SoftBums and inserts, 2 Peachy Green and inserts, the Alva wet bags and pail liners and the CJs BUTTer.  With the $400 budget I had suggested pockets and some All in Twos (AI2).  Even though the shells for the AI2s seem expensive on a per change basis, they are much cheaper than all in ones (AIO).  So with a bigger budget I would definitely add some AIOs to my stash.
With the $200 extra to spend, I would add a few Bottombumpers and a few Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0s.  For both of these diaper brands you can buy a one size diaper or sized (S, M, L) diapers.  The sized diapers are very trim and because the size medium fit a large range I would order these AIOs in a Medium.  Bottombumpers will fit between 14 and 30 pounds and the Swaddlebees will fit between 12 and 25 pounds.  These will not fit as early as the other diapers, but with this plan there are plenty of diapers to get you through until these fit and then these are just an added bonus!  If I had the budget I would add these brands of AIOs because AIOs are definitely the easiest to just grab and go.  Bottombumpers have the best solid colors and Swaddlebees have fun prints.

My older daughter in her Bottombumpers.

Here is the breakdown:

24 Sunbaby diapers with blend inserts: $126
2 SoftBums shells: $44
6 SoftBums super pods: $96
4 Peachy Green AI2: $76
10 Peachy Green one size inserts: $95
3 Bottombumpers - size medium: $57
3 Swaddlebees Simplex 2.0 - size medium: $69
6 infant prefolds: $9
2 Alva wet bags: $10
1 Alva pail liner: $6
8oz CJ's tub of BUTTer:$15
TOTAL: $603

This will give you 40 changes before 12 pounds and 46 changes after.  This number of diapers will allow you to do laundry every 3 days. $600 probably falls into the excessive category, but it would get you a lot of changes (I like having more than I need so that I can line dry my covers and not have to worry about running out of diapers) and allow for a lot of fun diapers!

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