Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Diaper Budget Suggestion: $400

This week the theme is what would I buy with a specific budget.  Today our budget has increased to $400.  I picked this amount because after careful analysis this was my goal budget for my own cloth diapering.  Unfortunately my obsession with finding the trimmest diaper and my love for cute fluff has made it so that I have exceeded this amount. 
I love a little variety, so with a bigger budget I would definitely branch out from the $200 budget.  I still stand by my suggestion to buy 24 Sunbaby diapers with blend inserts, 6 prefolds, the Alva wet bags and pail liners and the CJs BUTTer.  I think that Sunbaby diapers are a great diaper and its nice to have some pocket diapers that you can just throw on and go (and that daddy and daycare can use).  Also the accessories I picked for the $200 budget are always appropriate.
With the $200 extra to spend, I am going to add 2 of my favorite brands, SoftBums and Peachy Green diapers.  Softbums are the best one size diaper, the shells can be used for multiple changes, they fit very small and are still very trim.  SoftBums have two different styles, Echo and Omni.  I prefer the Echo because they are more trim, but you could choose the Omni if you want to be able to add absorbency.  I would also get 2 Peachy Green All in Two diapers are trim and very absorbent, plus they have the best prints out there. 
To go with the SoftBums I would order bamboo Super pods, which come with an adjustable long insert and a small bamboo pod.  This gives you double the changes during the newborn or small sizes and then you can double them up when your baby is bigger for added absorbency.  For the Peachy Green diapers I would order one size inserts that are adjustable to fit the size the shell is set on.

My 4 month old in her SoftBums Scribble :)

Here is the breakdown:

24 Sunbaby diapers with blend inserts: $126
2 SoftBums shells: $44
6 SoftBums super pods: $96
2 Peachy Green AI2: $38
6 Peachy Green one size inserts: $57
6 infant prefolds: $9
2 Alva wet bags: $10
1 Alva pail liner: $6
8oz CJ's tub of BUTTer:$15
TOTAL: $401

This will give you 36 changes and allow you to do laundry every 3 days.  I think for a very decent budget it includes some great quality diapers, a litter variety and a lot of fun!
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