Monday, May 26, 2014

Swim Diaper Tutorial Review and Tips

We are now entering the swim season and I have been getting out my swim diapers and complaining about how I would make them better.  It finally occurred to me that I could probably make my own swim diaper (better late than never) since I have made a bunch of reusable diapers for my girls already.  I searched online and pretty much the only tutorial out there for swim diapers is the Aquarius Swimmer.  I printed out and followed the pattern provided and found that the small fits my girls perfectly.  If you are sewing something yourself you have so many options to customize so here are some tips, tricks and changes that I made to the pattern/tutorial.
1.  I only used 3 layers, PUL on the outside and Athletic Whicking Jersey (AWJ) on the inside.  I but all of my diaper supplies from Diaper Sewing Supplies
2.  Before applying my FOE I did a baste stitch to tack together my PUL and AWJ.  This helped make sure that  it didn't move around when applying the FOE and also helped to make sure that the FOE caught both sides of the material.
3.  I cut the extended tabs per the pattern for both layers of material.  I then didn't not put FOE on either of the ends (just along the front, back, and both legs) and folded all 4 ends down to reinforce for the snaps. 
4.  I like having a little flexibility so I added a second (or third) row of snaps.  That way you can adjust to whatever baby you are putting it on and it can also grow with them a little bit.
5. I don't think this is actually necessary but in my swim diaper reviews I noted that they all had a layer of light absorbency added. By making your own you have control over adding none or a little bit to help with small accidents.

After  making my first one I cut the pattern a little larger for a seam allowance and turned and top stitched the second one and used regular braided elastic.  I added elastic not only at the legs but also at the front and back of the diaper to help keep things in.  I think both versions will work well and I didn't like the the FOE gets pulled from the pavement.
Overall I thought this was a great pattern.  I made it for my daughters to just wear with a sun shirt.  I love that its not super bulky for my girls and that it is so easy.  I will be making a few more of these!
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