Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun in the Sun with Swim Diaper Reviews

It's getting hot in Florida and that means its time to put our pool to good use and break out the swimsuits.  Having 2 kids that are still in diapers also means that we need to have a few swim diapers on hand as well.  I only started using cloth diapers about a year ago but I have been using reusable swim diapers since the beginning.  I had extreme sticker shock when I went to purchase disposable swim diapers for the first time and at that point set out to find a reusable diaper.  Since then I have accumulated 4 different brands and also recently made my own.  I haven't found a lot of reviews about reusable swim diapers out there so I wanted to provide my thoughts here.

iPlay swim diaper
We have probably used the iPlay swim diaper (aff) the most, it was the second one I got and since we have the white one it goes with every bathing suit the girls have.  Some of the key features are the snaps on the side (one side only) and the added absorbency in the center that will protect against small wet accidents when not in the water.  This diaper does give my skinny girls a bubble butt but other than that the fit (we have a medium) is pretty good.  We have never had a leaking problem with this diaper but I do wish it had snaps on both side of the diaper.
Charlie Banana Swim Diaper
The Charlie Banana Swim diaper (aff) is another diaper that we bought last summer.  I found it at Target on sale so I went ahead and bought one so that we would have a back up swim diaper.  This diaper also has a little absorbency added to it (they also say this can be used as a training diaper) to prevent leaks while out of the water.  One of the things that I don't like is that its a pull on diaper which would be fine if your child is only wet but since the main purpose of a swim diaper is to hold in the mess the last thing I want to do is pull down a wet messy diaper and make an even bigger mess.
Blueberry Freestyle Swim Diaper
When I saw the Blueberry Freestyle diaper online I knew that I had to try one when I saw that it had snaps on both sides of the diaper.  I ordered the medium because both of my girls are in the 19-24 pound range and I figured this would be the right size.  Some of the things I like about the diaper is the the snaps on both sides, elastic around the back and the front and the light padding for small accidents.  With all of this said I don't really like the fit.  I think that it would work fine for containing any messes but it just looks funny on my girls.
Homemade Swim Diaper
Trying out all of these diapers it finally occurred to me one night that I could probably make my own (I don't know why this epiphany was so slow coming to me).  Of course one of the best things about making your own is that you have more control over the fabric, styling and features.  I posted earlier this week about the tutorial I used and tips and tricks for sewing your own swim diaper.

Overall whichever reusable swim diaper you pick you will be saving a lot of money and putting something much cuter on your baby.  For me, the swim diaper was the gateway to full time cloth and I am glad that I tried it out.
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