Monday, June 30, 2014

Kuddles Baby Products - A Review

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out and review some new baby products.  I have two little girls so I am always happy to try new products and see what my girls like.  I was provided a sampling of Kuddles baby products including diapers, wipes, baby powder, and snacks.  Kuddles is a new brand by Winn Dixie that is geared towards making products that affordable but still great products and I want to share my experience with you here.

Diaper and Wipes

As you know we predominantly use cloth diapers and wipes but we do use disposable diapers sometimes (mostly at night and church).  I didn't find Kuddles diapers to be comparable to other leading brands that I have tried, I actually found them to be better.  I love that the back part of the diaper is stretchy (so hugs their back better) and helps keep in messes better.  Normally I tell people that cloth diapers will keep in the dreaded "poop-splosion" but this back stretchyness looks like it would also work well.  I also tried them out on my daughters at night.  My experience was that they could not contain my older daughters night time needs (but most cant) but my younger daughter was just fine all night long. The wipes also worked well and did not cause a diaper rash which is always a big deal with my very sensitive skinned little girls.

Baby Powder

I actually don't use baby powder on my girls but that doesn't mean we didn't get to try it out, I actually got my husband to try it.  My husband uses baby powder himself to keep fresh and dry and regularly likes the name brand baby powder.  He tried Kuddles baby powder for a few days but found that the cornstarch in the mix was not very comfortable for him. 


My girls rarely meet a snack that they don't like and the puffs and veggie straws made by Kuddles were no exception.  The puffs were heart shaped and for days after finishing the container my daughter would ask for the heart snacks.  When reviewing the ingredients I found that they aren't as clean (or organic) as I normally try to give my girls but that they are comparable to other similar products and I wouldn't feel bad giving them to my girls in moderation, just like any other snack.
Overall I was impressed with the quality of the Kuddles brands I was provided to try out and would definitely look to this brand in the future.
I have been provided a sample of Kuddles products in exchange for my honest review. All views expressed herein are my own.
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