Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Moraki Cloth Diaper Trial Results

Today I am excited to share the results of my diaper trial on the Moraki Organic (hemp/cotton) all-in-one diaper.  I was so excited to try this diaper as it is the first diaper I have tried that has a hemp inner and I love all-in-one styles. I was also really glad to snatch up the "Hippie" tie dye print because as you can see it is beautiful!!!  Moraki makes some really pretty diapers so I love to let my daughter just run around in this gorgeous print.
Now for the stats:
Number times of uses: 13
Number of leaks: 2
Longest wear without a leak: 5 hours, 15 minutes
Big Booty factor – 4
Best Use: Around the house, out and about, daddy diaper

    * I love the PUL on this diaper, it is really thick and seems so sturdy (and its beautiful)
    * I like that the all-in-one has a stay dry and organic option
    * Absorbency is customizable with a pocket built into the diaper
    * The hemp inner is rough compared to other materials
    * At $27 this is the most expensive diaper I have ever purchased (at retail)

I was very happy with my Moraki diaper and the print is easily one of my favorites that I have.  The fit is good and the all in one style is easy to use.  Both of the leaks reported were in under an hours so it makes me think that there was some type of user error as the diaper consistently didn't leak for extended periods.  Seven of the uses without a leak were for over 3 hours.  As I mentioned in the pros the materials seem very thick and sturdy and the diaper is very well made.  My only complaint is that because I line dry my shells (and anything attached to them) the hemp inner gets very rough.  This might not be a problem if you put your shells in the dryer or if the inner detached so that it could be dried while the shell is line dried.  My girls don't seem to mind that the material is rough but one of the reasons I use cloth diapers is because I want nice material next to their skin instead of scratchy paper. 

Overall I really liked this diaper, its one of the sturdiest feeling diapers I own and the absorbancy is great.  There are some new Moraki prints that were recently released too that I love so I might have to try (and report on) some of the other styles.
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