Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Body Back: The Food

Last week I shared my first post about my experience with the Body Back program.  I am doing the 6 week Body Back program and sharing my thoughts over the course of the program with you here.  Last week I kicked it off with the reasons why I am doing the program and today I wanted to talk about the food.  For me changing my food habits is the hardest part because I love to cook and eat.  I also have been pregnant or breastfeeding for 3.5 years straight so I have been eating distorted  portions for a long time and developed bad habits.
The Program
The body back program encourages healthy and clean eating.  It doesn't involve any gimmicks but rather encourages lifestyle changes.  The Body Back booklets that I received as part of the program include healthy swaps as well as multiple breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes.  Last week we tried two of the recipes: Crockpot Chicken Verde and Caprese Chicken.  Both were very good and even my husband loved them but the Caprese Chicken was AMAZING.  When we at the leftovers from the Caprese Chicken, my husband agreed with me that he could even eat it another night!  I look forward to trying some of the other recipes.

My Food Goals
I had two food related goals (other than just general healthy eating) that I set for myself.  The first for me is that I love to have a little something sweet after lunch.  At work we have snack drawer full of candy and other snacks and I love to pick out a few tiny candy bars after lunch.  Now if I crave something sweet after lunch I am trying to eat a piece of fruit.  My second food goal was to take time for breakfast.  I normally just eat a quick bowl of cereal before leaving the house but I wanted to choose something with more protein to start my day.  To accomplish this goal I have started making mini omelets in a muffin pan.  I will make enough for the week so that I can just put 2 in the microwave and have a quick and healthy breakfast.  To make them yourself just fill the muffin tin with your desired veggies, pour scrambled eggs over the top and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

In addition to eating fruits, veggies, etc. we also learned about other food related health issues (e.g. GMOs, artificial sweeteners, etc) and were challenged this week to select three things from our pantry that contained one or more of the items and get rid of it (and not buy it again).  I took it a small step further and decided to identify replacement items for what I was throwing away.  The homework was actually a little hard for me as we eat pretty clean.  There are other items I could throw away but I wanted to focus on items that we use regularly instead of the hand full of items we have in the kitchen that are leftover from a random recipe.

I chose to get rid of: syrup (sodium benzoate), Pam cooking spray (soy) and bread crumbs (partially hydrogenated oils).  I replaced them with real maple syrup, olive oil and home made breadcrumbs. 

Overall I am really happy with the food aspect.  I thought I would be hungry all the time but making good food choices actually has me satisfied most of the time and everything tastes delicious.  Plus my husband is already asking for the Chicken Caprese again so I know the meals are sustainable.
In return for my honest review I have been provided complimentary membership in the Body Back program. All results and opinions are my own.
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