Monday, October 6, 2014

Muffin Stop And Utility Belt Tutorial and Giveaway

This week is International Babywearing Week 2014 and I am excited to bring you a few fun posts related to baby wearing.  The first I am REALLY EXCITED about as it is one of my more favorite inventions (a quick Google search didn't show anything like this) the Muffin Stop and Utility Belt!!
I love to used my Ergo babycarrier whenever we are out and since my daughter is a little older now I love to put her in a back carry.  One of the benefits of using a carrier is that I don't have to lug around a stroller and we are normally feeling really carefree and don't want to deal with a diaper bag either. On a recent trip to the aquarium I found that while I didn't want to take all of these things with me I did have a few items that I needed to carry (like keys, phone, ID and money) but I had nowhere to put them!   While walking around the aquarium I kept thinking about how I could make a slip on pocket to go along the waist strap of my carrier. Originally this was just suppose to be a pocket for my items but when I tried it on I noticed that the normal muffin top that the back carry give me was significantly reduced by the addition of my "utility belt" and thus the Muffin Stop was born.
For all of my crafty followers out there I have put together a very simple tutorial below.  I am so excited about how well my Muffin Stop works that I will also be giving away a custom Muffin Stop to one lucky Naturally Crafty Mom follower (see rafflecopter entry form below).  
Muffin Stop and Utility Belt Tutorial
1/6 yard quilted fabric
1/6 yard canvas 
9 inch zipper
Start by trying on your carrier and measuring approximately how long and wide you would like it to me.  I wanted mine to cover the majority of the carrier nylon strap and then extend 1/2 to one inch above and below.  My finished belt was 4x12 inches with a pocket that is 4x9 inches.  I will provide measurements below based on those finished dimensions but shorten or lengthen based on your individual needs.
Cut the following pieces:
Two pieces of the quilted fabric (mine is black) 5x13 inches
Two pieces of the canvas fabric (mine is pink) 5x11 inches

Set your quilted fabric to the side and begin by installing the zipper in your canvas.  Take one of your 5x11 pieces and cup along the 11 inch length about 1.5 inches.  This will leave you with a 1.5x11 inch piece and a 3.5x11 inch pieces.  Install the zipper using the same method that I use on my wetbags by turning and topstitching.  
Once you have your zipper installed face your canvas pieces, right sides together and stitch along the short ends. 

Turn right side out (note that the top and the bottom should be open).

Now take your quilted pieces and make a sandwich with the canvas pocket in the middle (centered).  Pin all the way around and then stitch along three sides leaving one of the short ends open.

Turn right side out (this part took me the longest, just keep working on it.)

Once you have it turned right side out, turn under the open end and topstitch to close.  I also topstitched along the opposite side just so that they looked the same.

There you go, you now have your own Muffin Stop and Utility Belt.  I am able to fit my phone, keys, ID and a few cards and cash in mine with ease and I am just tickled about how easy it was and how well it worked.  I just slip the nylon belt between the back padded part and the pink pouch, buckle and I'm ready to go!
If you aren't crafty, you are in luck because I am giving away a custom Muffin Stop!!!  Use the Rafflecopter entry form below.  (If you don't win but are interested in buying one, contact me at the "e-mail me" link above.)

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