Monday, December 15, 2014

Cloth Diaper Disposable Inserts

With all of the travel that happens at this time of the year inevitably people are asking about tips and tricks for traveling with cloth diapers.  I have posted before about travel with cloth diapers but this year I wanted to do something a little different and try out disposable inserts (hybrid inserts) for cloth diapers.  Of course I couldn't just try them out, I had to put them through my cloth diaper trial.
I did some research to identify what brands I wanted to try out and decided to try the following 5 brands: Charlie Banana Disposable Inserts, Grovia BioSoakers, gDiapers Disposable Inserts, SoftBums H-Pods and Flip Disposable Inserts.  I used each one at least 10 times and over the course of this week I will be sharing my results of the trial for each one.  Before I get to the results I wanted to discuss a bit about what I learned from using the disposable inserts.
Prior to trying the disposable inserts I honestly thought they were a waste of money.  They are comparable to the price of a more expensive disposable diaper brand and I didn't know why I would bother with cloth diaper hybrid.  After using them for a few days I actually really loved them!  Of course there are all the benefits that everyone knows: disposable/flushable/compostable, limited chemicals and hypo-allergenic but there are other benefits I was excited to realize during my trial. 
One of the things I liked the most was that you got the benefits of a disposable diaper but the feel of a cloth diaper.  After using cloth diapers for the past 2 years I hate the papery feel of a disposable diaper but using the disposable insert means that I still have my pretty cloth diaper and isn't all gross and crunchy like a disposable.
I also loved the customizability of the hybrid inserts.  For overnight or for longer trips I was able to double them up so that they last longer.  I also liked that I could fold the insert so that the absorbency was where I wanted it for my child.  I found that one insert would last about the same amount of time as a regular disposable, but you aren't able to customize a regular disposable diaper like you can a hybrid insert.
Another thing that I found that I loved about the disposable inserts was how trim they were.  This was great not only for clothes that I want a smaller bum but also for packing purposes.  We went out of town for a 5 days during Thanksgiving and I packed 6 covers and about 40 inserts and it took up barely any space in my suitcase (less than disposables and regular cloth diapers). 
Overall I ended up really liking this trial. There are definite benefits to using the disposable inserts and I am excited to share my results with you this week.  Stay tuned!
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