Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Charlie Banana Hemp Inserts Diaper Trial Results

Over a year ago I put the Charlie Banana diaper through my original diaper trial with good results (no leaks!) using the microfiber insert that included with the diaper, so I was excited when the company asked me to review their hemp inserts.  I have destashed a lot of my pocket diapers but the Charlie Banana's I bought are one of the few pockets that I held onto so I was glad to still have the shells for the trial.  When I got the hemp inserts I noticed that on one side (2 layers) they are microfiber and the other side (2 layers) is a hemp/cotton blend.  I stuffed them in my pockets with the microfiber towards your baby and the hemp facing out.  Microfiber absorbs quickly so you want that close to their body and then the hemp is trim but hold a lot of liquid, because it absorbs slow you want it on the outside.  On to the results!

Number of uses: 12
Number of leaks: 3
Longest wear without a leak: 4 hours
Big Booty factor: 3.5
Best Use: Daddy, Daycare, Naps

·         Includes both the fast absorbing microfiber and the high capacity hemp
·         Easy to swap out for other pocket inserts
·         Could be used outside the pocket since the hemp can be against baby's skin
·         Insert ripples a little bit after being washed
·         Approximately $4.50 an insert so more pricy than other microfiber inserts

Overall I was very pleased with the results, I had a few random leaks but for the most part they had really good staying power.  As noted above the longest wear without a leak was 4 hours compared to the results from the regular microfiber insert of 2 hours.  I also liked that the two layers of hemp are really trim so while you have extra absorbency you don't have any extra bulk.  These fit right into my Charlie Banana covers well and would probably fit almost any brand of pocket diaper.  Additionally because they are hemp on one side you could use them as and AI2 insert with the hemp touching baby's skin.  These are a little pricier than other replacement inserts (microfiber does wear out and lose absorbency so try to change your inserts about every 12-18 months) but the hemp makes it worth it.  I am very glad that I was able to try out these inserts and when my microfiber wears out I will be replacing with these hemp inserts for sure!
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