Monday, March 14, 2016

Newborn Diaper Trial Results: Simplex All In One

This week continues with the results of the newborn diaper trial I conducted on my newest little squish.  Today I am reporting on the Blueberry Newborn Simplex All in One. The newborn Simplex was a favorite among people when discussing newborn diapers so I was really excited to have a few of these to try.  I will say, I was not disappointed.

I conducted the newborn diaper trial exactly the same as my normal diaper trial with the exception of how I logged the leaks.  Overall I would say that the newborn diapers I used leaked more often than the one size diapers I have tried in the past.  For that reason I decided to track the severity of the leak to give the results a little more color.  With each leaks I ranked them from one to five with one representing a tiny leak that you might not even change their clothes for and a five being soaked.  Now for the results of the Blueberry Newborn Simplex All in One:
Number times of uses: 10
Number of leaks: 3
Longest wear without a leak: 3 hours
Average severity of leaks: 1
Big Booty factor – 2

·      Absorbency lasted longer than the average newborn diaper
·      Attached soaker makes laundry easy and dries quickly
·      Has a snap down for the umbilical cord
·      Great resale value

·       One of the more expensive newborn diapers at $18.95
·       Didn't fit my newborns skinny legs for a while
As you can see above the Blueberry Newborn Simplex performed great.  There were 3 leaks but all of them were tiny (or a level 1) and all were at greater than 2 hours of wear time.  As noted above the Newborn Simplex didn't fit my little guys skinny newborn legs for a while and finally fit the legs at around 3 weeks old or 7 pounds.  The Simplex does have a snap down for the umbilical cord but as you can see in the picture below this takes up space where snaps could be instead for a tighter fit and I think I would have preferred that to the umbilical snap down.  For my skinny baby the legs had gaps while he had his umbilical cord and then once it fell off the legs finally fit so I didn't really use the snap down.  Even though the diaper didn't fit for the first few weeks the absorbency of the diaper did last us longer so it was nice to have diapers that still fit and worked well when he was peeing more.
The pictures below are when Lachlan was 2 weeks old and about 6.5 pounds.  The Simplex is said to work from 6-16 pounds but at 6.5 pounds the leg gaps would cause leaks so the fit wasn't great.  If you had a 6 pound baby with chunkier legs then it might fit fine.

The next set of pictures I took were at 1 month old (5 weeks) and he was 9 pounds, 4 ounces. The fit at this weight was really good and the absorbency was also good. 

 At 2 months old, my son was 11 pounds 2 ounces and 23 inches long.  In the picture below I have the rise fully unsnapped and the fit is still great.  At 11 pounds you can definitely tell that it will fit for another few pounds.
Overall I was really pleased with the Newborn Simplex.  It was a little pricier than the other newborn diapers that I tried out but the resale on it was good enough to justify the price.  I loved that this one fit my little guy longer than the average newborn diaper so even though we didn't use it early on I felt like I got a lot of use out of it.
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