Monday, March 7, 2016

Newborn Diaper Trials

Today kicks off my series of posts to share the results of my diaper trials on newborn diapers.  When I found out I was pregnant last year I was excited (beyond the normal excitement) that I would now get to not only buy newborn diapers but also put them through the Naturally Crafty Mom Diaper Trial.  I started looking up all of the different brands that offer a newborn option and spent the next 9 months acquiring diapers from various brands.  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the results from the 10 brands that I put through the diaper trial and end it with a post for newborn superlatives and a giveaway!

The brands that I tested and that you will be seeing results for over the next few weeks include:
1. Grovial Newborn All In One
2. Peachy Green Size zero
3. Thirsties Newborn All in One
4. Smart Bottoms Born Smart
5. Rumparooz Lil Joey
6. Blueberry Newborn Simplex
7. BumGenius Newborn All In One
8. Tots Bots Tiny Fit
9. Diaper Rite Newborn All In One (not picture)
10. SoftBums (not technically a newborn diaper but the only one size diaper that fits down to 4 pounds)
**The above picture also shows some newborn diapers that I did not review for various reasons.**
I conducted the newborn diaper trial exactly the same as my normal diaper trial with the exception of how I logged the leaks.  Overall I would say that the newborn diapers I used leaked more often than the one size diapers I have tried in the past.  For that reason I decided to track the severity of the leak to give the results a little more color.  With each leaks I ranked them from one to five with one representing a tiny leak that you might not even change their clothes for and a five being soaked.  You will see this new rating system reflected in the results over the coming weeks.
Overall I loved accumulating and using my newborn diapers.  I have very tiny newborns (Lachlan was 5 pounds, 15 ounces) and it was nice to have a diaper that fit him well.  He is my first baby that I used newborn diapers for and also my only baby that never had bad diaper rash and didn't have the dreaded poopsplosion.  I would say that overall I don't think I saved much money and I estimate my actual cost to be about $200 for the 2 months that I used them (cost minus resale).  The only real downside is that my son ate constantly and therefore peed constantly so for pretty much all of the newborn diapers he would only last a maximum of 2 hours and for some brands less.  I didn't like feeling like I would have to change him constantly if he was sleeping and therefore we did experience a lot of leaks.  I had heard before my trial that a lot of babies outgrown the absorbency before they outgrow the fit and I definitely found this to be true for us as well. 
It was a fun 2 months tracking all these brands and taking pictures at various sizes and I am excited to share my results over the next few weeks!
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